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Hanover Survey

Every year the CVESD surveys all parents, staff, and students (grades 4-6) to hear what is working and what can be improved in our schools. This year you should have already received a link to the parent survey, however we wanted to make it available here as well. You just need to click on one of the links below to get to your parent survey. Students will be provided time to take the survey in class.




Communication Form

In the packet you picked up tonight, there was a communication survey provided so you can let us know how you want to get information from the school. We are striving to go paperless as much as possible and we will communicate with you in the way that meets your needs. Attached is an online version of the survey you received today.  You may fill out whichever is best for you.

What do Camarena Parents think?

I truly believe that Camarena belongs to its families and will consistently seek to listen to and respond to the voice of Camarena families. With that in mind, I’ve schedules some meetings around several specific topics to hear your thinking.  If you are interested and available in the following topics, please respond to the RSVP form at the bottom of this post.

July 1

4:00  Homework (What are Parents’ expectations for homework?)

4:30 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) (What are parents’ concerns and level of interest?)

5:00 Learning Goals (What are the priorities for outcomes for parents?)


July 2

4:00 School Garden (What do we need to do to create a viable school garden?)

4:30 Walk to School (How can we create  culture of walking to school for the entire Camarena community?)

5:00 After School Activities (What after-school activities are of interest to Camarena families?)