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Dual Immersion: FAQ

Will Camarena Elementary offer a Dual Immersion Program?

Based on the interest from within the community, Camarena will definitely offer a Dual Immersion Program.

What grade levels will be able to access the Dual Immersion Program in 2013-14?

Kindergarten and 1st grade will be able to access a full Dual Immersion Program this coming school year.  Students in grades 2-6 who have not been in a Dual Immersion Program or who do not have grade level Spanish ability would not benefit from a Dual Immersion Program (according to the current model and its body of research).  Depending on funds, we can possibly offer language enrichment classes for these students.

What language(s) will be the focus of the Dual Immersion Program?

Spanish is the predominant language of most Dual Immersion Programs in San Diego County, in part because of our proximity to Mexico and the availability of credentialed teachers in Spanish.  However, other languages have been included in Dual Immersion Programs as a third language such as Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Tagalog.  The addition of a third language in an afternoon or after school program is possible, depending on funds and the availability of credentialed teachers.

What will be the Dual Immersion Model of Instruction at Camarena?

There are two primary models used for Dual Immersion.  They are the 90/10 model and the 50/50 model.  The Principal will make the final decision on the model after consultation with the school community to determine the goals of the families in Camarena and the program that best matches those goals.

How can I learn more about Dual Immersion?

Here are some websites and resources for further study so that you can be familiar with the available models:

Two Way Immersion: The Basics

Two Way Bilingual

Lengthy Review of Program Models

How does the lottery work?

Every student who is enrolled on February 27th will be placed in a random lottery to determine their priority for enrollment in the Dual Immersion Program.   Students enrolled after February 27th will be considered on a first come-first served basis.  Students who are currently in a Chula Vista Elementary School District Dual Immersion program who live within the  Camarena boundaries will be given priority for Dual Immersion at Camarena.  The classes are balanced by language so that there will be an equal number of spots for Spanish-speaking students and students whose primary langauge is other than Spanish.  We will assess students between registration day (February 27) and our decision on enrollment (Date TBA) to confirm Spanish language proficiency.  The reason for the language balance is because the program model relies on  students to serve as language models.  Thus, Spanish-speaking students are models of Spanish during Spanish instruction and English-speaking students are models of English during English instruction.

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