Camarena Spelling Bee

spellingbeeCongratulations to all of the students who participated in the Spelling Bee!  Here are the grade level winners.  They will move on to the District Spelling Bee at Salt Creek on Sat. Feb. 11th.

1st place: Nataly Mendoza    (R. Jones)
2nd place: Chloe Yang   (Demchuk)
Grade 1:
1st place:  Gabriel Garcia   (H. Jones/Alcantara)
2nd place:  Diego Estrada   (Miller)
Grade 2:
1st place:  Jania Angeles  (Choi)
2nd place:  Adriel Canilang   (De Los Reyes)
Grade 3:
1st place:  Kiko Victoria  (Hackett)
2nd place:  Alyssa Sullano   (Paranada)
Grade 4:
1st place: Shawn Pia  (Lahlum)
2nd place:  Benett Hurtado   (Luong)
Grade 5:
1st place:  Jacob Marcial  (Morales)
2nd place:  Jamielyn Sarmiento  (Stentiford)
Grade 6:
1st place:  Ruby Lee   (Hughes)
2nd place:  Euphony Zhou  (Greenlee)

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