Community After School Program

We have developed a close partnership with Concordia Church and School here at Camarena.  Their Kindergarten before and after school program is a popular offering for our families because of their proximity and the quality of their care.  They have also shared their Guitar instructor to provide Guitar classes to some of our Camarena students each of our first two years.  They are embarking on a long-planned building project that will include support for many more students here at Camarena.  One of their goals is to have a tutoring center to support the needs of Camarena students.  They would like to get your input as a potential client of this service.  If you are interested in helping Concordia design a tutoring service that could benefit your family, they are asking you to take a few minutes to share your thoughts in the survey below.

After School Program for Camarena Elementary


***Concordia before and after school care is  directed and supervised by an organization not affiliated with the Chula Vista Elementary School District or Camarena Elementary.  When you voluntarily sign up for their classes you enter into a contract with this organization and NOT Camarena Elementary. All liability is the responsibility of the outside organization.


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