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Noon Duty Job Opportunity at Camarena

Camarena Elementary is in immediate need of Noon Duty Supervisors! The positions are from 11:oo AM to 1:15 PM Monday through Friday.  If you love kids and would like to help supervise and keep students safe on the playground and at lunch, please apply to become a Noon Duty Supervisor. We love to have our parents as noon duties! And it’s great to work where your kids go to school!

  1. Step 1: Take a simple Noon Supervisor Test. The next test is Sept. 29! Click the link below for information. Testing Information
  2. Step 2: You will receive test results in the mail, with instructions for next steps.
  3. Step 3: Complete this Application for Classified Employment. Classified Employment Application

These are the requirements.

Screenshot 2015-09-18 10.42.58Here are some additional links you can follow. We are happy to help guide you through the process once you let us know you are interested in applying.

Community After School Program

We have developed a close partnership with Concordia Church and School here at Camarena.  Their Kindergarten before and after school program is a popular offering for our families because of their proximity and the quality of their care.  They have also shared their Guitar instructor to provide Guitar classes to some of our Camarena students each of our first two years.  They are embarking on a long-planned building project that will include support for many more students here at Camarena.  One of their goals is to have a tutoring center to support the needs of Camarena students.  They would like to get your input as a potential client of this service.  If you are interested in helping Concordia design a tutoring service that could benefit your family, they are asking you to take a few minutes to share your thoughts in the survey below.

After School Program for Camarena Elementary


***Concordia before and after school care is  directed and supervised by an organization not affiliated with the Chula Vista Elementary School District or Camarena Elementary.  When you voluntarily sign up for their classes you enter into a contract with this organization and NOT Camarena Elementary. All liability is the responsibility of the outside organization.


This Week at Camarena September 14-18

Monday,  September 14 – 1:15 Release
Tuesday, September  15 – 1:15 Release
Wednesday, September 16 – 1:15 Release
Thursday, September 17 – 1:15 Release, Fiesta Mexicana  (3:00 – 5:30)
Friday, September 18 –  Movie Night  (6:00 Food, 6:30 Movie)

Upcoming Dates
September 19 – Garden Work Party (3:00 PM)
October 6 – School Resumes
October 13/14 – Pastries for Parents
October 13 – Technology Tools for Parents (6:00 PM)
October 14 – GATE Parent Meeting (6:00) PM)
October 23 – Harvest Festival (Garden)
November 6 – Fall Festival (5:00 PM to 8:00 PM)

Check out these creative and winsome signs for our Student Council Candidates.

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Here is a collection of some of our highlights of learning last week at Camarena.

The Learning Pit

Our primary goal in 2015-16 is that students take ownership of their learning.

In order to achieve this goal, we are  teaching and reinforcing the message  from Transitional Kindergarten through 6th grade that learning involves a process.  That process begins with not knowing and understanding that learning something new is NOT EASY.

no-easy-buttonNot knowing is natural AND difficult.  When we are “in the pit” learning is difficult and sometimes frustrating.  Good learners draw from their bag of tricks to “get out of the pit”.  Good learners use their resources which can include thinking, asking a peer or adult, researching through books and the Internet, asking questions, etc.  The strategies are endless, however a mature learner chooses the strategy that best suits their learning dilemma.

In the end, good learners get out of the pit and come to understand that going through the pit will produce the goals they desire if they persevere and utilize the strategies that are at their disposal.

What is your learning story?  Have you ever been in and out of the pit to learn something new?  Share in the comments below.

This Week at Camarena September 7-11

Monday,  September 7 – No School Labor Day
Tuesday, September  8 – 12:00 DAC/DELAC @ District Office
Thursday, September 10 – 1st Day of Parent Conferences (1:15 Release) 3:00 School Site Council
Friday, September 11 – Patriot Day Celebration

School Site Council Agena for Thursday, September 10
SSCAgendaSeptember102015.docx 2-1

Patriot Day Celebration
September 11 is a great opportunity to remember the sacrifice of Americans both at home and abroad.  To commemorate that day we have several activities planned for Friday.
1.  Wear Red/White/Blue
2.  Outdoor Assembly that will include a moment of silence.
3.  Essay Contest:  Who is your hero and why? A winner will be selected and their work will be included and recognized in our School  Yearbook. (This needs to be turned in to your classroom teacher by Friday, September 11.
4. Hero Wall: Bring a picture of your hero for a wall display in the Multipurpose room. (You can start bringing pictures on Wednesday)

Here is a collection of some of our highlights of learning last week at Camarena.