Mrs. Orr’s Slice of Life Challenge


I challenge any student, teachers and parents included, to write a Slice of Life using this picture.

Let’s see how creative we can be at Camarena.

Due March 20th ­čÖé Email me your Slice at

1. Use your senses to describe what you see, hear, smell, and feel (touch and emotion).

2. Put yourself in the picture and write a Slice of Life from that point of view.


  1. Mrs. Heather Jones

    Reblogged this on 1st Grade and 1st/2nd Combo and commented:
    Do you accept the challenge from Mrs. Orr?????

  2. AlyceFSU

    I cannot see the image on any of my devices. It gives me a message that I am not an authorized user.

    1. Cindy Orr (Post author)

      I reformatted the image. I hope it works!!
      Thank you,


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