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This Week at Camarena Feb 9-12

Here are the events for this week in anticipation of Presidents’ Weekend.

Monday, February 9 – 3rd Grade Begins Interim California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CASPP) See more below

Tuesday, February 10 – PTA Boot Camp (6:00 PM)

Wednesday, February 11 – 4th Grade Begins Interim California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CASPP)

Thursday, February 12 – Regular Schedule (2:45 Release) PTA Zumba (6:00 PM)

Friday February 13 and Monday, February 16 – No School For Presidents’ Weekend


In the Spring of 2015 all Califronia 3rd through 6th grade students will take the CASPP assessments in Language Arts and Math.  They are the first official assessments related to the Common Core State Standards.  We encourage all parents to take a look at the CASPP website where you can find an overview of California testing in 2015, practice tests and more.


Saturday was the District Spelling Bee (although only 4 schools participated!) at Camarena Elementary and our Camarena students did a fantastic job.  Here are the winners and a slide show of the top three at every grade level.

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1st = Jania (Camarena), 2nd = Madeline (Camarena), 3rd = Cameron (Salt Creek

1st Grade

1st = Eddie (Cook), 2nd = Abigail (Salt Creek), 3rd = Ryan (Salt Creek)

2nd Grade

1st = Shawn (Camarena), 2nd = Angel (Camarena), 3rd = Bella (Halecrest)

3rd Grade

1st = Mia (Camarena), 2nd = Natalija (Camarena), 3rd = Isabella (Salt Creek)

4th Grade

1st = Ruby (Camarena), 2nd = Nika (Salt Creek), 3rd = Cecilia (Cook)

5th Grade 

1st = Eduardo (Halecrest), 2nd = Andrew (Camarena), 3rd = Noelle (Camarena)

6th Grade 

1st = Triston (Salt Creek), 2nd = Eliya (Salt Creek), Anthony (Halecrest)

Jumprope tangle

Jump Rope for Heart was a blast on Friday.  Students jumped to their hearts content and DJ Mr. Garcia provided the inspirational music to get those bodies moving.

Kindergarten recess

I had the privilege of covering Kindergarten recess this week so that teachers could observe each other teach.  Notice that not a minute is wasted.  As students got out to recess they all read the week’s sight words taped near the door.


Finally, there are many activities across campus in celebration of Black History Month.  We eagerly embrace the contributions of Black Americans not only during the month of February but throughout the year as our students study people who make a difference in our world and the many contributions individuals and groups make to develop the rich tapestry of our American history.  Below is a short video (5 minutes0 outlining th life story of Harriet Tubman.

What’s YOUR Why?

This Week at Camarena Week of February 2-6

Here are the big events for this week at Camarena Elementary.

Tuesday, February 3 – PTA Boot Camp (6:00 PM)

Wednesday, February 4SSC Meeting (4:30 PM)Double Dutch

Thursday, February 5Health Care Sign up (2:00PM to 5:00 PM)  PTA Zumba (6:00 PM)

Friday, February 6 – Jump Rope for Heart Event (Morning Recess)  Come on down if you want to get some exercise. You can teach the kids how you used to do Double Dutch when you were a their age.

Here are just a few of the highlights around Camarena last week.

2015-01-29 08.21.06

Kennedy prepares diligently for morning announcements.

2015-01-30 09.09.25

Mr. Collins’ students demonstrate that the octopus has 8 legs.

Esperanza Rising

Ms. Paranada’s students are enjoying a rich discussion about Esperanza Rising.  Great literature + thoughtful dialogue = deeper learning.

2015-01-28 13.22.44

If your enthusiasm is dropping just a little bit, stop on by and spend a few minutes with Kindergarten.

Sign up for Health Insurance Thursday, February 5 @ Camarena

By now, we all know it is the law that everyone must have health care.  If you still haven’t signed up, the deadline is February 2015 or you could face fines.  The Chula Vista Community Collaborative is coming to Camarena Elementary to provide everyone the opportunity to sign up for health care right here on campus.  Here is the flyer with all the details:

Camarena Elementary Enrollement Event 02 05 15  Final (1) 3-1

Camarena Elementary Enrollement Event 02 05 15  Final (1) 4-2

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