This Week at Camarena

I hope you and your family enjoyed the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and three-day weekend.  My family and I were walking by Pacific Beach this morning and we couldn’t help appreciating the blessings of living in San Diego County as we enjoyed shirt sleeve weather in the middle of January.  So, we are all definitely refreshed and ready for the new week and here are the pertinent events on our school calendar.

Tuesday, January 20 – PTA Boot Camp (6:00 PM)

Wednesday, January 21 – Just another day of learning at Camarena

Thursday, January 22 – PTA Zumba (6:00 PM)

Friday, January 23 – Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff and 1:15 Release

Saturday, January 24 – Camarena Spelling Bee Championship.  Students who finished at the top of their class competition have been invited to our school finals this Saturday.  The winners will move on to the district finals in February.

Finally, I love the focus and attention that these 1st graders demonstrate in this short clip from Señorita Barrett’s class.  They are all working diligently on their narratives, using the resources in the room, revising as they write, and completely engrossed in the work of crafting their writing.   Great examples of how effort produces lasting and quality achievements.

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  1. Shena

    What a great insight! My first visit here and I am thoroughly impressed. Looking forward to visiting the campus!


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