Excellent Article on Growth Mindset

It was great to see so many families out at Curriculum Night. Thanks for making that investment in your child’s education by coming to get the expectations for the school year. In my talk with parents, I mentioned the work of Carol Dweck of Stanford on the Growth Mindset. Here is an excellent article that you will enjoy and find beneficial that summarizes this research and the steps you can take to foster a growth mindset in your children.


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  1. Michelle

    Good article. The start to encourage Camarena Elementary Student’s precept in school and at home.

  2. Mrs. Simeon

    Reblogged this on Mrs. Simeon's Classroom.

  3. Isabel

    Did anyone get the names of the books Dr. Winters put on the screen during curriculum night/

  4. danwinters12 (Post author)

    Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck
    Ethic of Excellence by Ron Berger
    Visible Learning by John Hattie
    Writing Essentials by Regie Routman
    Playing with Media by Wesley Fryer



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