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Attention Military Families

Hello to all the Camarena military families!

I want to direct your attention to the military resources link on the school website which can be accessed through the home page, click on the Resources tab > Military Families OR here if you haven’t already found it. I will try to keep it updated with resources, flyers, and other pertinent information for our military families and students. If you have any specific requests for information, presentations, activities, or other events please feel free to contact me directly at (619) 372-1655 or



USS Gridley

USS Bunker Hill

USS Sterett

USS Dewey

USS Carl Vinson


Thanks for reading,

Ms. Melissa

Military & Family Life Counselor (MFLC)

Excellent Article on Growth Mindset

It was great to see so many families out at Curriculum Night. Thanks for making that investment in your child’s education by coming to get the expectations for the school year. In my talk with parents, I mentioned the work of Carol Dweck of Stanford on the Growth Mindset. Here is an excellent article that you will enjoy and find beneficial that summarizes this research and the steps you can take to foster a growth mindset in your children.


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Safety Patrol Volunteers


We are ready to get our Safety Patrol out on the corners and we would like to solicit the assistance of a few noble Camarena parents or community members. If you are willing and able to assist, please e-mail or call Mrs. Orr Thanks in advance for your consideration.