Robotics Class Update** 4:26 PM

The Tuesday Mindstorms Robotics class will not be held because we did not have a large enough attendance. 
As a choice – Mindstorms Students may join the WeDo class on Tuesday, or we can refund the money or they can attend our Robotics class in our Eastlake Campus location near Fenton St and Harold Pl. Those classes begin in February and are more personalized.  
Due to popular demand, Mindstorms Robotics is back in session and will begin Tuesday January 28. It will run for 7 weeks. If you have not signed up please do so at



  1. baileylindgren

    Do you hold a robotics class at your school or is it a club? Have you ever considered starting FIRST at your school for students to participate in?

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      We have both a club and a class! FIRST is an amazing program.


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