Picture Make-up Day: Thursday, September 19th

Please look for order forms if your child was absent on picture day.  Order forms will also be available in the office.

If you are not pleased with your child’s first pictures, please have your child return ALL photos and take new ones.

ALL VOLUNTEERS- Please come and have your picture taken for your volunteer ID.  Pictures will be taken from 7:30 – 1:30

Please do not hesitate to reach us at camarenapta@gmail.com



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  2. Mrs. Heather Jones

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  4. DJ

    Hello, Do we just notify our child’s teacher that he/she will be taking pictures that day?

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  6. Christina

    Hi there, we just got our pictures back today (we were out on vacation) and I am not happy with the pictures. I understand that today was the “make-up” day. Will there be another? Or another location that we can take our child to re-take their picture?

    1. danwinters12

      Can you please contact camarenapta@gmail.com. They will have the information you need. Thank you


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