Monthly Archive: September 2013

Getting Ready for a great Parent/Teacher Conference

Thursday is the first day of Fall Conferences.  Here is a resource to help you have a great meeting with your child’s teacher and leave with a renewed sense of what you can do at home to support learning as well as inform the teacher on your child’s strengths so that she can teach in a way that works best for your child.


First, take a look at these fantastic resources from PTA that provide specific summaries of the grade level standards in both English and Spanish. You will find two great sections on these documents that will both help you have a great conversation with your child’s teacher and give you some simple and practical tips at home to increase learning.

How to talk to your teacher:

Talking to teacherThis is a great tool to help you prepare for that teacher conversation and leave with practical ideas to support your child.

Furthermore, these guides conclude with some simple yet powerful suggestions for how to support your children at home.

At HomeI highly recommend you take the time to review these two-page documents for your child’s grade level in preparation for your parent conference.  You’ll sound like an expert and impress that teacher immensely!!!

If you would like to learn more about the Common Core State Standards, please come by tonight at 6:00 PM in our Library Media Center to dig deeper on what is changing in terms of learning goals, assessment, and classroom instruction.  Please RSVP here if you plan to attend.




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