Monthly Archive: August 2013

Family Forces- Resource for Military Families

Family Forces is a service that will be available at our school for our military families. Family Forces serves children, youth, and adolescents as well as adults. They have individual, family, group and couple counseling.

Family Forces can help with:

parenting skills
developing coping skills
improving family couple communication
decreasing anxiety
stress management techniques
decreasing symptoms of depression

If you would like more information please about this service please see Ms. Llamas in our School Office.

After School Programs

Please join us Tuesday (August 13) night at 6:00 PM.  We have several organizations coming to share their programs to discern what level of interest we will have at Camarena.  Here are some of the programs that will be presenting Tuesday night.

Mad Science

 Bricks 4 Kidz


Heartlight Dance/Fitness

We hope you can join us to hear what can be offered and voice your opinion about these programs. Most of these programs will cost money for attendance or materials, so they are all voluntary.

Drop Off and Pick Up

We are still refining our procedures to make for a smooth pick-up and drop off.   Some families are dropping off students  in the back lot where the bus turn around and staff parking are located.  This area is off limits to parent drop off.  Walkers are welcome (Please stay on the sidewalk), but drop-offs should either come to the front of the school or drop off the students at a safe place outside campus.  Thanks in advance for your adherence to these procedures.

Guitar Classes at Camarena

Thanks to our wonderful partners at Concordia Preschool and Church, we are in the planning stages for after-school Guitar classes to be held right here at Camarena Elementary.  The survey below will help us gauge interest in the class.  These classes will be offered for students in grades 4-6.  The classes themselves will be free (thanks, once again, to the generosity of Concordia Church), however each participant must be willing to bring the following items:

1.  Guitar – From home or…. buy a beginner guitar, depending on the size of the child:  1/2 guitar about $69, 3/4 guitar about $79, full size guitar about $100.  Guitar bag is about $30.  They can go to Guitar Center or locally Guitar Exchange.  Guitar Exchange will give Camarena students $5 discount on a guitar bag.

2. A guitar book to be purchased online:  Hall Leonard Guitar Method Book I  ($10)

3. Guitar tuner ($10)

4. Guitar picks

We will also need adult volunteers in each class to assist.  If your child would be interested for consideration for this program, please fill out the survey below so that we can plan our next steps.

Curriculum Night Tuesday, August 6

Please join us this Tuesday Night for Curriculum Night.  We will be holding two repeated sessions at 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  You can attend either session as the same material will be covered each time.

We encourage families to leave children at home if at all possible, however we will have two adults on the playground to supervise any children that do attend.   Also, the PTA will be selling tiles Tuesday night if you still would like to purchase and design your family tile.

Every Voice Matters

I’ve been closely following the discussion around uniforms and appreciate the various points of view.  Opinions will always be welcome here at Camarena, although I would caution some of our Camarena friends to maintain a spirit of civility and respect.  I will reserve the right to delete any comments that I don’t feel contribute to the conversation in a way that is helpful, healthy, and respectful.  As for the question of uniforms, I do want to make sure that every person has an opportunity to participate.  We have heard from 377 of our 744 families through the online poll.  I will send out paper ballots next week ONLY to the families that have not voted and give them an opportunity to add their voice to the conversation.  The vote at the end of next week will be final.  Once again, thank you for expressing yourself in a manner that is a worthy example for our children.


Dan Winters