New Blacktop Line-up

Starting August 2nd we are going to be using a new line-up on the blacktop in the mornings. The line-up area has been reassigned by grade level. This means that students from the same grade level will be lining up together. We have painted letters in alphabetical order on the blacktop. Please see attachment to find which letter has been assigned to your child’s room number.Blacktop line-up

Thank you for helping us keep the area clear where students line-up so that our lines can walk freely to their classrooms at the beginning of the day. As a reminder, you can sit in the lunch tables or stand at the back of your student’s line to help alleviate the pedestrian traffic in the morning around our student lines. Thank you for your support.


  1. Ayme Ocampo

    Regarding were parents can stand, Would it be possible to announce this in the morning line up in case parents are not yet following the school blog?

    1. gabrielallamas2013

      It’s great to see parents at our school. There is a definitely a place for parents during our morning ingress routine. I’ve spoken to parents personally this last week and asked them to sit at our lunch tables which helps clear the area for teachers to walk through with their classes. I will be making an announcement every day until it becomes a habit for our families.

  2. Bandido71

    It seems to be always chaotic in the mornings. It might be helpful to students if there is a bell.

  3. gabrielallamas2013

    We do have a bell but it sounds very faint in the mornings. There are not enough speakers in our buildings to let us hear the bell in the morning. While we are waiting to put in speakers we need parent cooperation in helping clear the path for teachers to walk their students back to class.


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