Mandarin Chinese Introduction

We are partnering with the All About Mandarin Academy to bring Chinese language instruction to our community in an after-school program.  This program will begin Friday, October 11 and we will have an informational meeting for all interested parents on:

Thursday, August 29

6:30 PM


Please join us to learn the proper way to learn Chinese from the experts at the All About Mandarin Academy.  The program will run 26 Fridays (2 hours each) and will cost approximately $12/hour.  More detailed information will be provided at this parent informational meeting.  Please join us if interested.


  1. Candace

    Wonderful! We will be there!

  2. Dominic

    We are interested in enrolling my son to this program. But my son is attending the after school YMCA, will he be escorted and picked up (depending on schedule) to and from the class if we enroll him?

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      That’s a question you’ll need to address to the director of the Mandarin Program.

  3. Mike

    Dr. Winters,
    Would you please post general details of the program for those of us who were unable to attend the meeting.
    Thank you!

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Yes indeed. Flyers for the Mandarin program are available at the front desk. If you are not able to come by then we can send home with your child at you request.

      1. Rosaura mariscal

        Please IAM interested for BRAULIO LOPEZ 3rd grade Ms LAHLUM

  4. Rosaura mariscal

    I miss the meeting and I will love to enroll my son!!

  5. Shirley

    Hi Dr. Winters,
    My son does not attend this school he is attending the McMillin Elementary school instead
    but I called the director of the Mandarin Program and he said that it open to the public. I am wondering where can I get the application for it? also the program is not start yet until October 11 right? Please advise.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      You can pick up the flyers at Camarena Elementary or contact the All About Mandarin program directly.


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