Uniform Survey Results

The Chula Vista Elementary School District has determined that schools that wish to consider uniforms need to have an “overwhelming majority” of the community in favor of uniforms in order to proceed.  After surveying our community, 54% of our families are in favor of uniforms and 46% are against.  Based on this survey, we clearly do not have an “overwhelming majority” of families interested in school uniforms and we will not pursue this policy at this time.

To give you a comparison, in 1997-98 both Rice and Loma Verde approved school uniforms and their communities voted in favor at a rate of 93% and 87% respectively. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call the school at 591-5500.



  1. marysol hernandez

    I’m sorry for my english…but I think: The results are mostly for my perception, and according to the percentages even out the 51% and is most, so I do not agree with the way they presented, as people we vote we take the time and not respected as they should have been. I propose that it is an option and anyone who wants to use it and who does not wear normal clothes, so all happy and excited, because from my perception is very favorable: saves you money, save you time and reduces competition.

  2. Tanya

    That’s really disappointing that its not simply a majority vote needed which would be the case with any other type of voting.

    1. s.White

      Politics as usual. Why didn’t the school explain that from the get-go? majority is the majority,always something extra after the fact. Thumbs down this school already.

      1. Ilana

        As Dr. Winters stated, the “overwhelming majority” decision is not a school policy but a district policy. Let’s try and keep things positive. If there is a feeling that not very many families voted, then maybe a paper survey makes sense. I think the idea of doing it online is to save paper and to promote the use of technology in a technology driven school.

  3. EchuOkan1

    The question that comes to mind is if the quantity of people that took the online survey can really be considered a good representative sample of the population. Furthermore, even though the survey was made available online for everyone to access because the focus of this school is driven by technology, how much of the population has the necessary means to access the internet, are technology savvy, or actually decided not to do it because of language barriers?

    I am neutral time this issue since I do not have problem with either option. However, since this seems to be a critical issue based on parents conversations I have heard on campus, to make it fair to everyone the survey should be redone and “advertised” other that online (possibly by including a simple flier in the students’ folders). At that point, if parents do not take action to express their opinion against uniforms, then it is their problem and should deal with the results without complaints.

  4. Mom2boys

    I agree that an online survey is an informal way to make such decisions on policy. Unless it is determined that the vast majority of the school population did vote online, a hard copy of the survey should be distributed and then counted.

    1. hnmommy

      I agree. A ballot should be sent to each household in the students folders. I asked a few of my neighbors and most of them didn’t vote since they are not very technology savvy. This is an important issue and everyone should have a fair chance to express their opinion.

  5. Tanya

    Out of curiosity? How many people actually voted ?

  6. Bandido71

    I do believe that a lot of Camarena parents simply do not have the time or inclination to actively participate or check the school’s blog or website. Since this is a very critical issue, it may be necessary to reach out to everyone about this matter in order for the school to get a more accurate result from the community.

  7. Jess

    There will always be one group that’s not happy. Had it gone the other way, those of us that voted against it would be on here commenting. We all have our own reasons as to why we do or do not want uniforms. I think the school has a lot to handle already and shouldn’t have to keep hearing arguments on this subject. You can’t please everyone, and I think that we should just move on and focus more on what’s more important, like the education aspect. When it comes down to it, clothes are just clothes. There are bigger things to focus on. If it had been decided that uniforms were going to be used, I would just go with it. No sense to keep bringing it up.

    1. Ayme Ocampo

      I completely agree with this comment, we should really focus on issues that really affect our children’s education and have into mind how fortunate they are on being able to attend a brand new well equipped school.

  8. Jennifer Reiter-Cook

    It is our responsibility to be proactive and access information that is readily provided to us, particularly since families are very aware that Camarena is a technology-based school. If families do not have the “inclination” to participate, check the website, and make themselves informed, then I would think there are natural consequences to that. I agree with the decision to be sure those who didn’t vote get the chance to vote, but there isn’t a need to disregard the votes that have already been cast. As stated above, once the final votes are included, we really do need to accept the decision and move forward.

    1. BSS2013

      Yes I agree with you on most points, however, just because Camarena is a “technology-based” school, it does not mean that families are required to be technologically active and savvy either. At this day and age, there are still a lot of people out there who prefer traditional forms of communication (i.e. snail mail, printed matter, etc). Just because this is their preference, it would not be right to keep them uninformed either.

      1. danwinters12 (Post author)

        All parents have the option of choosing paper communication. That option was stated on the first page of the packets that every family received on July 20th. While we are emphasizing digital communication for many reasons, we will always provide the paper option for those that prefer that method.


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