Dog Days at Camarena

Greetings Camarena Friends.  It is so great to see the number of  families walking to school every day.  Our first few days have surfaced a few issues we need to address for a smoother entrance and egress.

1.  Dogs are not allowed on campus as you can see by that nifty sign in the post.  We will have our own signs up soon, but please help us abide by the law and keep all dogs outside the gates of Camarena.

2.  For both morning and afternoon we are going to speed up traffic by forcing all cars that are leaving the parking lot to make a right turn.  This will allow us to move two lanes of traffic at the same time and keep the traffic flow, well flowing!

No doubt we will continue to make modifications and adjustments to our processes if we feel they will make for  a smoother and safer experience for  our 950+ students.  As always your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.


  1. graciela montano

    Thank you! I am very glad you are sending this email because I was just about to send you an email addressing this issue. Dogs should not be allowed on campus. At Wolf Canyon we never had this issue. I’ve been in the middle of barking dogs with my children. They are now scared of dogs in their new school. I hope people respect and follow the rules. Thank you!

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  2. Brent Walla

    Very difficult opening any new property and from my observations you are on it! Keep up the good work Mr. Winters. Now if we (the parents) can just follow the rules, Lol!

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      You’re very kind. Our staff is grateful for the opportunity to serve this amazing community.

    2. EchuOkan1

      I totally agree. We, as parents, need to set the example, but there are always a few that lay the responsibility on others. =0)

      Keep up the outstanding work, Mr. Winters.

  3. Carla Garcia-Hdez

    I am hoping traffic does get better soon especially after school. I hope everyone cooperates and abides by the rules. safety first always! Thanks

  4. Janae

    Dr. Winters have you adressed the saftey at the Windingwalk roundabout with the city yet? There need to be stop signs or something to slow down drivers. I’ve almost been hit twice while walking my child home. Once by a woman speeding and talking on her phone. As we get further into the school year and people start letting their kids walk alone, this can get VERY dangerous.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Thanks for your concern. I will pass that along to the CVPD as our jurisdiction for traffic stops at the entrance and exit of the school.

  5. Janae

    Thanks. I’ve also emailed chula vista traffic safety so maybe they can come put up some cautionary signs.


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