Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Permission

For those families who are willing to send their child with a device to be used for educational purposes, we ask that you sign the following document and return to your child’s teacher.  The BYOD program is entirely voluntary.  Students who are given permission by their parents to bring their device to school will be allowed to access our CVESD Guest network and they will need to abide by the guidelines put forth in the attached Internet Use Agreement.  If you have any questions, please share them in the comments below.

Personal Property Liability Release Form (PDF)

Personal Property Liability Release Form (Word)

StudentInternetUseFinal (PDF)

StudentInternetUseFinal (Word)



  1. Jen H.

    Is this still only a policy for 4th grade and up? Or can any child opt to “BYOD?”

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      It’s highly encouraged in 4th through 6th but definitely not limited to those grade levels. Parents who feel their child has the responsibility and maturity to bring their technology are welcome to turn in the form and send the student with their device.

  2. maguzma

    I am assuming the grade level teachers will have a list of the Apps that they will be using for parents to install at home if we choose the BYOD? I’m not allowing my child to know my password. TIA.

  3. Brian Burki

    I would be willing to allow our kids to bring devices if it was an essential part of daily classroom instruction. But since it’s optional it doesn’t sound like it is. Can you clarify?

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      That’s a great question, Mr. Burki. Let me give as much background as possible. We have purchased equipment for our school with the same funding model as previous and future schools. That model allows us to purchase 4 desktop computers per class. We decided to purchase tablets and some refurbished MacBooks instead of desktop computers to increase the number of devices we could purchase. Our goal is to get as close to a 1:1 (student:device) ratio as possible. With this initial funding we purchased 6 iPads or iPad minis for every class in grades TK through 3rd and we purchased 5 MacBooks and 13 iPad minis for every class in grades 4 through 6. Therefore, our hope with BYOD, is to encourage as many families who are willing, to allow their children to bring devices to increase the number of devices available at school.

      In the end, our teachers are ready to teach students through the technology that is made available. If no students bring devices, we will make instructional plans to take advantage of the devices that we have purchased. If a large number of students bring devices, we will plan according to that reality. I hope that clarifies our position. I’d be glad to discuss further if you would like more information.

      1. Brian Burki

        Hi Mr. Winters. Thanks for getting back to me.

        Two things:

        I would be MUCH more willing to let them use their own devices at school if there was a safe place for them to be stored in the classroom. Ideally, it would be great if they could just leave them there and not take them back and forth. My main concern is transiting.

        And I’d want to know what websites/apps are required. They have Nook Colors right now, which is not the greatest for apps and websites, but if they’ll do the job, great! Getting them both iPads is expensive. Android tablets are more attractive in terms of price. But if I’m comfortable with security and the educational opportunities are compelling enough I’m open to possibilities.

  4. Alma Loe

    Hello Dr, Winters. How will the students be using the device? I have a 3rd grader and kindergardner, specifically how would our 3rd grader benefit from bringing his own device, what will he access (IXL, KidBiz)? Are the teachers going to be discussing the “Pros” of bringing the device during curriculum night and how they plan to use it in class? Thanks!

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Hello Ms. Loe – I will indeed ask teachers to discuss the pros in bringing devices. Also, I’d like to share our major learning goals (and one example each) that illustrates how technology can enhance instruction.

      1. Foundational Technical Skills (Safe Internet Search)
      2. Information Management (Digital Portfolio and Workflow)
      3. Persuasive Communication (Multimedia Presentations)
      4. Content Creation (Written, Audio, and Video Developing)
      5. Collaboration (Building Products with Teams)

      As you can see these goals are not focused on programs that drill information (although there is a time and place for deliberate practice). Our goals will help students utilize these devices in ways that will make them more responsible and independent learners.

  5. Alma Loe

    Thank you Dr. Winters. All sounds great! We will definitely consider the BYOD option for our 3rd grader.

  6. ianneblakely

    Reblogged this on Welcome to Mrs. Blakely's Blog! and commented:
    These forms were handed out in quarter 1, but some students have recently asked me for another one. If you would like your child to bring a device for use in the classroom, please print out the liability release form, fill it out and send it in with your child.


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