Agreements have been made to bring YMCA licensed Day Care and the DASH after-school program to Camarena.  Here are the details:

YMCA licensed Child Care

6 AM to 6 PM

Enrollment begins immediately.  You can pickup forms at your current school or at the YMCA offices on 1201 Paseo Magda off of East H. Street.  Their phone number is 619-421-8805

DASH after-school program

DASH is after school for 2 hours on regular days and 3 hours on modified days.

DASH holds a lottery for their after school program and it will be open from April 15 through 26.  Any students who enroll after April 26th will be considered  on a first come-first served basis.

You can pickup forms at your current school or at the YMCA offices on 1201 Paseo Magda off of East H. Street.  I’m not sure the exact date these forms will be available, however you can call them at  619-421-8805

When filling out applications for these forms, please indicate that your child will be attending Camarena Elementary.


  1. Orlando Hernandez

    Can you have them open around 0545 vs 0600? They sometimes show up late and us military parents have to be at work at 0600.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      The hours are set by the Chula Vista YMCA

  2. chulavistaesd
  3. wickedstangs

    Can they start around 5:45 am for us militry families..

  4. Heather Vance

    I stopped by the YMCA today, and was told they don’t have the applications yet, and they won’t have them until sometime in April.

  5. Noelani

    The Dash applications are now available online. However the YMCA will not be accepting them until 4/15/2013

  6. Ebony matlock

    I was told that i can get a military discount for camarena ymca before/after school program. Is this true? We arent members of the ymca either.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      I’m not aware of that discount, however it is possible. I suggest you contact the YMCA directly as they have complete control of this activity. 421-8805. Thanks

      1. wickedstangs

        only discount I have seen. Is if you have two kids enrolled one gets a small break…

  7. sandiegoheartsaver

    I am a parent , 2 of my boys will be going to Camarena , very happy:) 5th and 3rd grade I have a one daughter in Eastlake middle and other daughter Eastlake High school. I am a preschool teacher, I heard there is a waiting list for YMCA. I am a preschool teacher , back ground checked also , I am a CPR, FIRST AID Instructor too. If you need a child care after school please feel free to contact me. I work till 3:00 and I am available at 3:15 pm by Camarena to pick up my kids too. I live right across of Camarena Elementary. I can also provide week-end care and late night care if you would like:) feel free to call me please 619-9428274

  8. wickedstangs

    @sandiegoheartsaver thanks for the post will pass this along to two of my neighbors that did not YMCA list…


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