What are the values we want in our school and students?

Here are the values of the Principal.  Please add your own values in the survey at the bottom of this post.


Camarena students and staff will be models of integrity, perseverance, and leadership in our

community, school, and homes.


Camarena students and staff will be critical consumers of the best content. Literacy (including

digital literacy) will be the core curriculum across all content areas.


Camarena students and staff will be expert collaborators. Collaboration will be accomplished by

blending face-to-face interactions with virtual connections. Outside experts will be sought out to

lend their specialized knowledge and insights to our learners as they acquire knowledge and

attempt to apply that knowledge in the world

Critical Thinking

Camarena students and staff will apply clear thinking that is developed through deep reflection,

the interplay of ideas, structured social learning and evidence based opinions.


Camarena students and staff will explore their passions every day. They will consistently

publish what they are learning and create products that exemplify their unique talents and skills.


Camarena students and staff will listen critically and empathetically to one another. They will

also be skilled presenters who tailor their message to their audience and adeptly use the

technology tools at their disposal to enhance and amplify their message.


Camarena students and staff will embrace the best tools that augment learning. Technology will

facilitate the acquisition of content, development of products and presentations, and

connections with experts and co-learners anytime, anywhere.



  1. Karla Tafoya

    Hi, my kids will be in 2nd and 5th grade and I would like the dual immersion program for both at Camerena Elementary, please include them in the list. Thank you.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Will do. I’ll create a survey this week on this site so that we can collect info from all families. Thanks

  2. Fabiola Flores

    Hi, I am truly interested on having my son (5 currently in K @ Eastlake Elementary) and my daugther (3) to engage on the dual immersion program. I see all what they can be gaining for such an early introduction to two languages. In summary, their future opportunities become larger. That is priceless. I hope many other parents realize the big opporunity they are given now that there is a chance that DM program gets implemented for their kids at Camarena School.
    1. The Dual Language or Dual Immersion programs can provide unique teaching and learning opportunities for all its participants: students, parents, teachers, administrators, and communities.
    2. Dual Immersion education serves as a linguistic and cultural bridge for all, and it helps to embrace and promote linguistic and cultural pluralism (positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors) inside and outside the school.
    3. Prepare our future citizens with the necessary academic, literacy, and linguistic competencies to be highly qualified individuals and to be competitive in a global society.
    5. Research indicates learning a second language increases brain growth and promotes healthy brain functions.
    6. Reinforce effective communication and critical thinking skills that are essential in this modern, technologically driven world.
    7. The power of possessing academic language proficiency, and the ability to effectively communicate (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), in two languages represents future limitless opportunities.
    8. English is the #1 language spoken on USA, speaking a second one while learning the academics, makes it natural without the need of after school language classes.

    Thank you, Fabiola

  3. Maria Chavez


    My name is Maria Chavez and I am very interested on having my twin daughters (7 year old / 2nd grade) and my son (5 year old / K) to participate on a dual immersion program at Camarena Elementary School.
    We believe that speaking a second language, in this case Spanish, will open more doors for them in the future. We would like Camarena School to open dual immersion not only for kindergartens and 1st graders but for all grades, specially third grade, so my daughters can enroll the next school year.

    Please do everything in your power to make third grade part of the dual immersion program.

    I would really aprecciate your help regarding this matter.

    Thank you

  4. Greg


    I have a 3rd grade GATE student at Wolf Canyon Elementary who is and has been at the top of her class. She has never been exposed to a foreign language in school and our families concern is that doing so in the 4th grade by way of dual immersion will cause her grades to decline. I have no issue with a Spanish class being offered to her daily but, I do not want her class to be 90-10, 70-30 or 50-50. No doubt knowing two languages is a plus as I have a college age daughter who is fluent in Italian. However, that was her choice and I think Camarena Elementary should allow the choice for the higher class grades with regard to dual immersion.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      There will definitely be a choice between Dual Immersion and English only. Sorry for the confusion.



  5. Greg

    Thank you Dan, after leaving the informational I thought dual immersion was something that was going to be determined by the % of individuals interested.

  6. Mike

    I did a Spanish immersion program with my oldest son about 10 years ago and really struggled assisting him with homework. Will homework be completely in Spanish as well? I am for an immersion program and think learning secondary languages will serve my kids well, but I am concerned how effective I can be when it comes to helping them with homework assignments.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      That’s a great question. I have observed this issue in some families. The Dual Immersion program is structured so that parent language support in Spanish is not obligatory for the child to succeed. In fact, since many language skills transfer from English to Spanish and vice versa it is still suggested that parents read to their children in English (or whatever their first language may be), which will benefit all language development. Finally, there are more and more online resources to help with language development that we can highlight and bookmark for our families. I hope this helps.

  7. Jamie

    I don’t understand how we could offer full dual immersion starting in say 2nd grade or higher? If the kids have had no background in Spanish I don’t know how we could go full day Spanish with them. How would that impact their learning and development of math and science etc? I would imagine there would be a huge delay and impact on their learning. I see the benefits for two languages but I am not sure how that would work for the kids who know no Spanish.
    Can you explain what you mean by “dual immersion” for 2nd grade and higher? Is it a full day program? 50-50? 90-10? And if it is 50-50 or higher, can you shed some light on how that works for kids with no spanish background? Thanks.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Hello Jamie,

      You are correct about Dual Immersion beyond 1st grade. The only students who could participate in a full Dual Immersion program in 2nd grade or later are those who have been in a Dual Immersion program previously or have Spanish language proficiency equivalent to grade level expectations. Therefore any second language for students who are entering 2nd grade with no Spanish (or whatever the target second language may be) would be a supplemental program. The details of the Camarena approach will be developed by the Dual Immersion Committee with input from all stakeholders.

  8. Greg

    Will there be anymore meetings with you Mr. Winters in the next couple of weeks? It would be great to get the progress of discussions prior to the February 28th deadline for transferring schools.

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Hello Mr. Watkins,

      We have committee meetings Monday at the Winding Walk Homeowners Association with evening meetings (TBA) to follow shortly.

      1. Greg

        What time will the meetings be?

  9. Marie

    I am certainly not adverse to a DI program and am still unfamiliar how it works (I am from the East Coast where this type of program has not been offered) but would appreciate other languages offered other than Spanish. This would expose all children equally to a new language as an elective. Growing up, I was given the option of several languages – Latin, French, Japanese, German, etc. I took Spanish and Russian as my language electives and retained more Russian than Spanish. I spend a good amount of time with my child’s homework in English and am concerned that I might struggle with homework if another language is introduced. How will my child be graded in a second language if the primary is not yet perfected? What are the consequences if my child does not meet the mean performance measures in English? Would I be able to disenroll my child from the DI program to focus on an English only based method of teaching?

    1. danwinters12 (Post author)

      Thanks for these questions. Once the actual program type is decided upon and defined the answers will be quite clear.


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